Kläy Computing AG was founded in 1993 by Irène Kläy-Denecke and Dr. Matthias P. Kläy and is specialised in statistical consulting and software development.

Computer Science


Special Areas of Knowledge

Computer Science: Structured analysis and design of systems, relational database management systems, object oriented design and programming, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services, T-SQL, VBA, VB, VB.Net, WPF, Silverlight, XAML. Microsoft Office integration (Word, Excel). XHTML, CSS, ASP, XML. Oracle, IBM DB2, dBase, Clipper. PC architecture, Microsoft Windows Server and Workstation, Local Area Networks. Unix, Linux. Pascal, Fortran, TeX, PostScript.

Statistics: Univariate and multivariate methods of mathematical statistics, sampling plans, general linear regression, analysis of variance, design of experiments, discriminant analysis, factorial analysis, cluster analysis, time series analysis, dose response curves, generalised linear models, non parametric statistics. Statistics software BMDP, SPSS, Systat, R and others, including advanced methods of graphical representation of statistical data.

Mathematics: Probability theory, classical and noncommutative measure theory, classical and nonclassical logics, fuzzy logic, linear algebra, ordered linear spaces, base normed and order unit normed spaces, C*-algebras, functional analysis, topology, category theory, lattice theory, orthomodular partial orders, associative ortho algebra, Hilbert space theory of quantum mechanics, graph theory, hypergraphs, geometry of convex polytopes.